Tuney Review: Best AI Tool Will Generate Music And Soundtracks

Individuals who want to create captivating soundtracks need time, skill, and patience. Tuney eliminates this hassle by generating countless personalized music or soundtracks through its Artificial Intelligence assistance. Compared to famous tools like Soundstripe or Epidemic Sound, Tuney stands out for its ingenuity. Tuney simplified outstanding soundtrack creation. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the Tuney Review thoroughly and give you a genuine review by sharing our own experience. Read this review till the end.

Do You Know What Is Tuney?

Tuney is an advanced Artificial Intelligence platform designed to produce various soundtracks tailored to your requirements. Even without prior audio creation experience, you can easily generate personalized royalty-free soundtracks. 

Its user-friendly interface allows you to adjust the music’s length using a simple slider and place beats anywhere within the track without specialized skills. Tuney has a wide range of options available in its music library.

The platform offers the convenience of automatically synchronizing tracks with your uploaded videos, eliminating manual alignment. Not only this, there are additional features which we will discuss in this review.

What Is The Use Of Tuney?

Tuney is one of the fantastic platforms for those trying to create personalized music for their artistic endeavours or video tasks. It helps a wide range of fields to assist individual’s needs:

  • It has great features for video creators; whether you’re producing YouTube content, commercials, or short films, Tuney empowers you to add the ideal soundtrack for your visuals.
  • Tuney helps Podcasters elevate their podcasts’ quality and allure by adding impeccable background tracks from its wide range of music libraries.
  • Social media marketers can use this tool to enhance their posts’ appeal and memorability by incorporating captivating soundtracks.
  • Tuney is the best tool for Music producers, whether adding distinctive soundtracks for their projects or discovering the perfect musical track for their compositions.

Guide On How To Use Tuney Music AI tool

Getting Started

Don’t worry about its premium plan; you can also use it free of cost. To begin using Tuney, first of all, go to their official site: https://www.tuney.io/, where you’ll find a “Try for Free” option. 

Understanding The Dashboard

The dashboard is where the magic happens. You can create various types of music like Beats, Pop, Hip Hop, etc. Once you select a type, tracks will automatically generate. 

You can play, edit, download, share, and even purchase tracks from its dashboard. Also, you can sync your uploaded video with the generated music to get the perfect result.

Editing The Soundtracks 

Whenever you start editing a soundtrack, you have options to adjust the length, ranging from 5 seconds to 5 minutes (the free version allows up to 3 minutes). 

You can also fine-tune Instruments like melody, chords, drums, and bass. Setting the ending as a fade-out or a short ending is a choice.

Connect Soundtrack With Video

Upload your video, and the chosen soundtrack will connect perfectly with it. You can even set the starting time of the track to ensure a seamless blend.

Other Sections

Aside from the main dashboard, there are additional sections. The Purchase section shows your previous music purchases. 

You can create and modify playlists in the Playlist section, adding or removing tracks as needed. The Account section lets you manage your information, billing details, and logout.

That’s all! Once You’ve understood this, you can customize your soundtrack as per your choices and add it to your videos or related projects.

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What Are The Features Of Tuney Review?

Tuney offers a lot of features with a copyright-free soundtrack source. It functions as a dynamic music customizer, and features advanced Artificial Intelligence to enhance music personalization. All its features are listed below:

  1. The platform has an extensive collection of high-quality music, which helps to eliminate the process of finding the ideal soundtrack without the need for extensive searching or editing of stock music.
  1. Through AI analysis, Tuney adds music seamlessly to your video’s mood and tempo, ensuring a harmonious synchronization between visuals and audio. 
  1. The music selection is entirely copyright-free, eliminating concerns about copyright issues when using any soundtracks.
  1. Additionally, the platform empowers users to create bespoke soundtracks by adjusting elements like tempo and key.
  1. Synchronizing music with your video is done without hassle and effort with Tuney’s user-friendly timeline and preview features. 
  1. Once you find the perfect soundtrack, you can conveniently download and export it to your devices or computers.

Comparison Between Tuney vs. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a popular platform for copyright-free music with an already established presence in the market. In contrast, Tuney is new in the market but is quickly gaining traction. 

So let’s compare these two services according to their preferences: 

Comparison 1: Approach

Tuney combines human-produced music with computer-generated elements to form music tailored according to individual preferences.

Epidemic Sound features original music created by highly skilled musicians and offers it in its pure form without additional blends or combinations.

Comparison 2: Library

Epidemic Sound boasts an extensive music library where you will discover countless original and copyright-free soundtracks.

Tuney has a smaller number of tracks as compared to Epidemic Sound and other platforms, but its rate of growth is higher.

Comparison 3: Pricing

Epidemic Sound is a pricey service that requires a monthly payment. This means that you need to make a monthly payment to access the platform and create the soundtracks.

Since Tuney has a current offer available on Appsumo, all you have to do is make a single purchase, and then you can use all its soundtracks indefinitely.

Here Are Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tuney


  • Tuney boasts an extensive collection of music, consistently refreshed with new additions.
  • A dedicated support forum on Tuney fosters discussions on various topics.
  • All soundtracks offered on Tuney come with copyright-free usage rights.
  • The platform presents a user-friendly and appealing UI.


  • Certain users have raised quality concerns regarding the music’s consistency.
  • Tuney’s establishment is less robust than other widely recognized platforms.

Our Overall Experience On Tuney

If you are a content creator, this tool can be very good for you. As we have experienced, most content creators are very interested in soundtracks for their videos and often look for some such tools only. 

Copyright music often gives a lot of trouble to videos, and it has become very difficult to find copyright-free music. So, for those users who want to add soundtracks to their videos, Tuney provides you with copyright-free soundtracks for free. Apart from this, if you want unlimited great music or soundtracks, you can also go for its premium plan, starting from just $18. 

We have used this tool, and its performance has proved excellent in real-time. We got to see a lot of great music libraries, which are regularly updated inside this software. All its soundtracks were very good, and this software gives you free service to enjoy uninterrupted music. 

Tuney stands as the best tool for effortless custom soundtrack creation. Powered by advanced AI, it empowers users to craft personalized, copyright-free soundtracks that seamlessly add to their videos. The user-friendly dashboard presents a range of editing choices, including music length and instrument adjustments.

While Tuney’s library might be smaller than platforms like Epidemic Sound, its impressive growth rate is too good. While some users note occasional audio quality concerns, Tuney’s expanding library and user-friendly interface establish it as a formidable contender in music customization.

Tuney has a wide range of pricing options per the individual’s budget and needs. The free plan provides access to a restricted music library and features. For expanded access to the complete music collection and features, the premium plan is available at $10 per month. Further details on pricing can be found at https://www.tuney.io/pricing.


In this article, we’ve given you a Tuney Review to understand whether Tuney is a good tool according to your needs or not. You should use this tool to add a soundtrack to your videos if your budget is a little low, this is an excellent platform.

As we told you, it provides a copyright-free soundtrack, you can add music from its libraries to your videos. If you find this review useful, then please share it with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an offer to purchase a Tuney Subscription?

Ans: Tuney has a current offer available on Appsumo, during which you will use all its soundtracks indefinitely free after a single purchase.

Is Tuney available for free?

Ans: Yes, Tuney provides a freemium option to the Creator Community, offering free access to create music for content within a monthly download limit.

Can Tuney create remixes of songs?

Ans: Tuney’s innovative music Artificial Intelligence combines stems made by artists and generative musical components to create, edit, remix, and generate new and original versions.

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