Best Artificial Intelligence Tools to Increase Productivity 2023

Best Artificial Intelligence Tools to Increase Productivity

In pursuing enhanced efficiency and agility, artificial intelligence (AI) is assuming a critical role in every field. Businesses and professionals are embracing AI tools to streamline operations and boost productivity. These tools span a wide spectrum, from AI-driven content creation and sentiment analysis to image or video generation and predictive analytics. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the Best Artificial Intelligence Tools to Increase Productivity in 2023 that offer diverse avenues for optimizing productivity across various fields. So let’s get started.

What Is The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Increasing Productivity?

Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in enhancing productivity, as evidenced by research showing its effectiveness in real business scenarios. Users assisted by AI tools outperformed those without such assistance, completing tasks more efficiently.

Productivity is measured by the number of tasks completed in a given time frame, like a day or week. For instance, an employee achieving double the workload reflects a 100% increase in productivity. The outcomes of three studies demonstrate this impact:

1. Customer support agents using AI handled 13.8% more customer inquiries per hour.

2. Business professionals employing AI produced 59% more business documents per hour.

3. Programmers using AI tools could complete 126% more projects weekly.

As everyone knows, a wide range of AI tools are available across various fields, which helps simplify and expedite tasks. These tools save time and elevate productivity. Here, we’ll explore some of the top AI tools that will help you to increase your productivity.

Here Are The Best Artificial Intelligence Tools to Increase Productivity


Jasper AI Writer is a versatile tool that assists users in tasks like content and AI image generation. Unlike other tools, it combines its LLM and trained data for content creation, going beyond a basic GPT-3 API. 

Backed by ample funding, it promises ongoing innovation, evident in its May 2023 update offering unlimited words across all plans. This enhancement solidifies its position as a high-value tool on the market.

What Are The Features Of Jasper: 

  • Jasper is a premier platform for creating marketing and sales content.
  • Seamlessly integrates Surfer SEO to enhance AI-generated content with SEO insights.
  • Utilize Brand Memory to store crucial product/service details, ensuring precise content generation.
  • Unleash creativity with Jasper Art, crafting images and illustrations alongside your content.
  • Experience limitless word generation and refined brand voice customization for your content.

Cost: The premium subscription begins at $39 per month. 

Tool Link:


WriteSonic is a versatile AI content creation tool, presenting a range of offerings like an AI writing aid, AI-generated art, and a ChatGPT-like chat assistant.

Similar to Jasper, it stands out with distinctive attributes. It emerges as the preferred choice for content developers seeking diverse applications of AI.

What Are The Features Of WriteSonic: 

  • WriteSonic stands out as a top-tier AI writing solution.
  • Photosonic enables the creation of AI-generated artwork.
  • Engage with ChatSonic, an AI chatbot fueled by GPT-4 and real-time internet information.
  • Benefit from a user-friendly interface for effortless content generation. 

Cost: It offers a free plan and options with paid subscriptions beginning at $19 per month.

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Descript is an AI-driven text-based video editor streamlines video editing by enabling text edits instead of manual clip cutting. Upon uploading a video, Descript swiftly transcribes it.

Editors can then revise wording and eliminate filler words directly from the transcribed text, effectively altering the original video or audio. It’s a touch of magic, revolutionizing the editing process.

What Are The Features Of Descript: 

  • Conduct text-based video editing directly within a document, with the ability to make video edits.
  • Automatically transcribe both video and audio content.
  • Perform audio editing tailored for podcasters, including support for multiple tracks.
  • Utilize AI voices and voice cloning capabilities.

Cost: A no-cost plan is available, while premium options begin at $15 per month.

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Surfer SEO 

It is an Artificial Intelligence SEO tool that aids in enhancing search rankings and organic traffic by analyzing and optimizing content. It facilitates content creation by researching SERPs.

Additionally, it generates comprehensive outlines. After content creation, Surfer utilizes natural language processing to compare it with top SERP articles, offering suggestions for a competitive edge.

What Are The Features Of Surfer SEO:

  • Improve blog posts by utilizing real-time content analysis and optimization within the Surfer editor.
  • Conduct keyword research using accurate SERP data and keyword volume information.
  • Utilize the Grow Flow feature, which continuously assesses your website for content decay and identifies opportunities for quick improvements.

Cost: Get Surfer SEO at a beginning cost of $59 per month for premium plans.

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ChatGPT is an innovative AI chat assistant that drives various tools on this list. Its purpose is to aid users with text-related tasks through a user-friendly chat interface. 

It helps users with various tasks like asking questions and for research. Users can utilize its well-trained language model to execute coding and blog editing tasks.

What Are The Features Of Chat GPT:

  • Engage in conversations spanning diverse subjects and performing intricate tasks.
  • Select from various models, including GPT-3.5 iterations and GPT-4, according to your requirements.
  • Utilize the GPT-4 API to link with numerous services, enabling seamless integration of the advanced Language Model into your assignments and workflows. 

Cost: Utilization is free, while the Plus subscription costs $20 per month.

Tool Link:

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Midjourney serves as an AI text-to-image tool, enabling users to craft engaging visuals for social media, websites, and marketing.

Users can use an account creation process to harness Midjourney’s capabilities via their Discord server. This platform empowers individuals to generate distinctive and compelling visuals tailored to their needs.

What Are The Features Of Midjourney: 

  • AI-powered image generation from text prompts.
  • Limitless creative possibilities with multiple prompts and four images generated per prompt.
  • Produces high-quality, high-resolution images as output. 

Cost: Its Subscription Plans start at $10 per month. 

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Pictory AI 

Pictory AI functions as an AI-driven video creator. It transforms extensive written content into captivating branded videos. 

It uses its AI models to extract and curate the most impactful content. 

Pictory AI then generates voiceovers and incorporates multimedia elements to produce a high-quality video suitable for publication.

What Are The Features Of Pictory AI:

  • Transform lengthy videos into Shorts effortlessly.
  • Craft videos using stock clips, background music, and voiceovers generated by AI.
  • Utilize the remarkable blog-to-video workflow editor.
  • Automatically generate captions for your videos. 

Cost: The paid subscriptions commence from $23 per month.

Tool Link: functions as an AI-driven plagiarism checker, examining content against vast web and academic databases to guarantee its uniqueness.

It detects potential plagiarism by comparing the input to existing publications, even distinguishing if the text might be generated through AI.

What Are The Features Of

  • It has Plagiarism identification capabilities.
  • Utilizes a vast comparison database.
  • Provides in-depth similarity analysis reports.
  • Identifies content potentially generated by AI.
  • Offers content paraphrasing and rewriting functionality.

Cost: Each credit costs $0.01 and covers the scanning of 100 words.

Tool Link:

Support Board 

Support Board is an AI-powered customer support solution that aids businesses in automating and optimizing their customer service operations. This is also one of the Best Artificial Intelligence Tools to Increase Productivity.

It ensures fast and precise replies to customer queries, integrating with OpenAI’s GPT API and Google’s Dialog Flow for advanced chatbot creation. 

What Are The Features Of Support Board: 

  • It utilizes an AI-powered chatbot driven by the GPT API.
  • Automated responses have been trained through Dialog Flow.
  • Seamless integration with CMSs and eCommerce platforms allows access to real-time customer data.
  • It offers a potent AI chatbot constructor with lifetime deal (LTD) pricing options.

Cost: Options for purchase include a $5/month cloud-based plan and a one-time payment of $59 for either PHP or WordPress versions.

Tool Link:


Suppose we talk about today’s rapidly growing technology, artificial intelligence benefits every field. With the help of AI tools, people are increasing productivity. AI tools improve the ability to do work to a great extent, which saves time, and people can do more work in less time. This information given by us will be beneficial to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will artificial intelligence impact productivity and the economy?

Ans: The introduction of artificial intelligence has the potential to enhance labor productivity across various industries significantly, contingent on investments to aid workers in transitioning job tasks or roles.

In what ways does AI contribute to improved productivity and increased revenue?

Ans: Utilizing AI tools to provide comprehensive assistance can result in heightened employee contentment, fostering greater productivity.

Is Artificial Intelligence better than humans in terms of productivity?

Ans: The question of AI versus human productivity is multifaceted. AI excels in tasks involving repetition and data manipulation, whereas humans shine in intricate problem-solving and decision-making.

Can generative AI effectively enhance productivity?

Ans: A recent study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research demonstrated that generative AI, such as ChatGPT, has the potential to raise workforce productivity by an average of 14%.

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