Suzuki GSX-8S Launch Date In India and Price your Ultimate Riding Experience

Suzuki GSX-8S Launch Date In India & Price

Suzuki GSX-8S Launch Date In India & Price: Suzuki bikes are a well-known name in the world of motorcycles in the Indian market. Suzuki bikes win the heart of every rider for their excellent engine, strong mileage, and comfortable ride. If you are planning to go on city roads or a long journey, then Suzuki has all types of bikes available for you. 

You are informed that the Suzuki company will soon launch a new Suzuki GSX-8S with powerful features, a stylish design, and an excellent engine.

If you talk about the Suzuki GSX-8S, this bike is known for its strength and will also be beautiful. Powerful performance and mileage can also be seen in this Suzuki bike. 

These bikes are very beneficial for those people who use bikes regularly. Now let us get detailed information about the Suzuki GSX-8S Launch Date in India and also the Suzuki GSX-8S Price in India.

Suzuki GSX-8S Launch Date In India (Expected)

Let us tell you that Suzuki company has a strong network of dealerships all over India. Whose sales and services are easily available in different places of India. Talking about Suzuki GSX-8S Launch Date In India, no information about the launch date has been given by Suzuki yet. However, according to a media reporter, this bike can be launched in India by mid-2024.

Suzuki GSX-8S Price In India (Expected)

Let us now know about Suzuki GSX-8S Price In India, Suzuki bikes are available at different prices. Till now, Suzuki has not revealed any news regarding the launch date of the Suzuki GSX-8S bike. Talking about its price, no official announcement has been made. According to media reporters and automobile experts, the price of this bike is estimated to be between Rs 10 lakh to 11 lakh. Now you can also choose different Suzuki bikes as per your needs and budget in 2024.

Suzuki GSX-8S Launch Date In India & Price
Suzuki GSX-8S Launch Date In India & Price

Suzuki GSX-8S Engine 

Suzuki motorcycles are known for their powerful and reliable engines. The 2024 Suzuki GSX-8S engines are also worth a look as the Streetfighter also gets a 776cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, parallel-twin engine with a 270-degree crankshaft.

Many features like multiple ride modes, traction control and ABS are also seen in this amazing bike, which can be toggled through the 5-inch TFT display.

The engine of Suzuki GSX-8S is 776 cc and 2-cylinder liquid-cooled is also included. This Suzuki GSX-8S horsepower bike can produce an engine up to 83.1 and 78 Nm torque. The mileage of this bike is 23.8 kmpl. 

Interestingly, the Suzuki GSX-8 S gets a 310 mm floating-mount disc at the front and a 240 mm disc at the rear with a single-piston calliper. The frame is suspended by KYB inverted front forks with 130 mm of travel at the front and an adjustable KYB link-type rear suspension.

Suzuki GSX-8S Specification 

Name of the BikeSuzuki GSX-8S
Suzuki GSX-8S Price In India₹10 Lakh To ₹11 Lakh (Expected)
Suzuki GSX-8S Launch Date In IndiaMid 2024 (Expected)
Fuel Type Petrol 
Power 83.1 hp (Expected)
Suzuki gsx 8s top speed km/h210 kph (130 mph)
Torque 78 Nm (Expected)
suzuki gsx-8s seat height810 mm
Kerb Weight 202 Kg
Ground Clearance 145 mm
FeaturesRiding Modes, Full-LED headlight and taillight, Digital instrument cluster (Expected Not Confirmed By Maruti Suzuki)
Safety Features Traction Control System, ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), Front Rear Disc Brake (Not Confirmed Expected By Suzuki) 
Front Suspension Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Rear Suspension Link Type, Single shock, coil spring, oil damped
Suzuki GSX-8S Rivals Kawasaki KLX450R, Kawasaki Z650RS & Kawasaki KX450

Suzuki GSX-8S Designs

Now, coming to the design of this fantastic Suzuki GSX-8S bike, it uses a steel frame, which is thin, light, compact, highly agile, and suitable with a high-performance parallel twin engine.

The 17-inch wheels in this bike are made of lightweight cast aluminum wheels. Suzuki experts say the wheels are wrapped in Dunlop Sportmax Roadsport 2 tires.

If we look at the design of the Suzuki GSX 8S bike, it looks beautiful and sporty. If you like sporty muscular designs, you will like this bike very much. We see sharp lines, angular fairings, LED headlights, and taillights. Suzuki follows new trends and designs attractive and stylish bikes by adopting the trends.

Suzuki GSX-8S Launch Date In India & Price
Suzuki GSX-8S Launch Date In India & Price

Suzuki GSX 8S Safety Features

The safety features of the Suzuki GSX-8S are also very excellent. This bike has been designed for sports touring motorcycles and comfortable rides and for keeping safety in mind. So let us know about some of its unique safety features:

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): This feature plays an important role in preventing an accident if it occurs. As soon as we apply ABS brakes, it prevents the wheels from locking so that you can stop quickly, even in any sudden situation.

Suzuki Traction Control System (STCS): This bike’s features are unique. These bikes are very helpful during rainy days, as they help prevent the rear wheel from slipping on wet or slippery roads. You can choose one of the three STCS modes in the bike and turn it off completely.

Dual Radial Mount Front Disc Brake Calipers: This bike has 310 callipers working on 310 mm discs, providing braking power.

KYB Inverted Front Fork: This feature in this bike provides excellent handling and a comfortable ride.

LED Indicators: You also get to see indicators in this bike. Through this feature, clear signals are given about the intentions of drivers of other vehicles, which also reduces the risk of accidents.

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Suzuki GSX 8S Mileage

The bike gets power from a 4-stroke 776 cc engine that generates 83.1 hp / 61.9 kW at 8500 rpm and 78 Nm / 57.5lb-ft @ 6800 rpm. Suzuki GSX-8S makes a return with a mileage of 23.8 Kmpl and can accommodate up to 14 L in its fuel tank. Considering all these factors, you could expect the GSX-8S mileage to be between 18 to 25 kmpl in the real world.

Suzuki GSX 8S Price in Kolkata

Suzuki bikes are available in Kolkata in different models; the price also depends on the model chosen and its other variants. Suzuki GSX-8S price in Kolkata is estimated to start from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 11 lakh ( Expected ). 

You have to keep in mind that these are approximate prices, but actual prices may vary depending on the dealership you choose, bike variant, registration fees, insurance, and other things.

Final Words

Suzuki’s GSX 8S is an attractive bike with solid performance, modern technology, and a comfortable riding position. Suzuki is available in the Indian market, from scooters to sports bikes. The Suzuki GSX-8S is also scheduled to be launched in mid-2024.

According to media reporters, the price of this bike is estimated to be Rs 10 lakh to 11 lakh. In the future, Suzuki will also launch electric scooters and new electric bikes in the Indian market, which are being made with the environment in mind. Overall, Suzuki is a reliable bike that provides a great riding experience for everyone.

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