Revolt RV400 BRZ Specification And Unique Features, Price, Super Features

Revolt RV400 BRZ

Revolt Motors has launched the Revolt RV400 BRZ, an upgraded version of the Revolt RV400, with an initial price of INR 1,37,950 (ex-showroom), making it the most affordable Revolt bike. For reference, the RV400’s price starts at INR 1.47 lakh in Bengaluru’s ex-showroom. This new model is designed as a simple, unconventional electric bike.

Revolt RV400 BRZ Features

RV400 BRZ Launch: To keep things simple, Revolt has not incorporated features like keyless start, as the RV400 BRZ comes with a physical key. Smartphone connectivity is also absent, and riders won’t find details like trip history, battery status, remaining range, and nearest swap station through the Revolt app.

Revolt RV400 BRZ Specification – Colour

The RV400 BRZ is available in five colours, including Lunar Green, Pacific Blue, Dark Silver, Rebel Red, and Cosmic Black. It is now offered in six colours, adding new options such as Lightning Yellow, Mist Grey, India Blue, Rebel Red, Cosmic Black, and Stealth Black.

Revolt RV400 BRZ
Revolt RV400 BRZ

Revolt RV400 BRZ Overview 

RV400 BRZ Engine: It features a 3.24 kWh battery pack coupled with a 5 kW motor. It claims a range of 150 km in Eco mode, 100 km in Normal mode, and 80 km in Sport mode. Charging the bike from 0 to 100 per cent takes approximately 4.5 hours while changing from 0 to 75 per cent takes about 3 hours.

ModelRevolt RV400 BRZ
Launch Price (Ex-showroom)INR 1,37,950
Battery Pack Capacity3.24 kWh
Motor Power5 kW
RangeEco Mode: 150 km <br> Normal Mode: 100 km <br> Sport Mode: 80 km
Charging Time0-100%: 4.5 hours <br> 0-75%: 3 hours
Safety FeaturesRegenerative Braking <br> CBS <br> Side Stand Motor Cut-Off
Instrument ClusterFully Digital Display
Key SystemPhysical Key
Smartphone ConnectivityAbsent
Colour OptionsLunar Green, Pacific Blue, Dark Silver, Rebel Red, Cosmic Black, Lightning Yellow, Mist Grey, India Blue, Stealth Black
Additional InformationSimple Design <br> No Keyless Start <br> Revolt App Features Not Available

Revolt RV400 BRZ Safety Features

RV400 BRZ: For safety, the bike includes regenerative braking, CBS (Combined Braking System), and side stand motor cut-off safety features. The fully digital instrument cluster displays speed, battery level, riding mode, and temperature.

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Revolt RV400 BRZ Price

The send-off cost of the Revolt RV400 BRZ is INR 1,37,950 (ex-display area). In any case, it’s vital to take note that costs might fluctuate in light of variables like area, charges, and extra charges. For the most dependable and state-of-the-art estimating, it’s prescribed to check with approved Revolt Engines sellers or visit the authority Revolt Engines site.

Revolt RV400 BRZ
Revolt RV400 BRZ

Revolt RV400 BRZ Break And Suspension

Regenerative braking and a Combined Braking System (CBS) make up the braking system of the RV400 BRZ. The regenerative slowing mechanism is intended to recuperate energy while slowing down, improving effectiveness and adding to the general scope of the electric bicycle.

Additionally, the CBS contributes to the distribution of braking force between the front and rear wheels, resulting in a braking experience that is balanced and controlled.

Final Words

The RV400 BRZ is a reasonable and inventive electric bicycle with a send-off cost of INR 1,37,950 (ex-display area). It includes a basic yet useful plan, regenerative slowing down, and a Joined Stopping mechanism (CBS) for improved security.

The electric powertrain, with a 3.24 kWh battery pack and a 5 kW engine, offers a fair reach in different modes. Although it does not have keyless start or smartphone connectivity, its emphasis on user-friendly design and colour options makes it an appealing option for people looking for an electric bike that is both accessible and effective.

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