Maruti Ertiga Car Loan – Only 2 Lakh Rupees Down Payment For Maruti Ertiga 7 Seater Car Buy, See Full Detail

Maruti Ertiga Car Loan

Maruti Ertiga Car Loan Overview

Maruti Ertiga LXI And Maruti Ertiga ZXI Price Start Only 8.69 lakh

Maruti Ertiga Car Loan
Maruti Ertiga Car Loan

Maruti Ertiga LXI Car Loan Down Payment And EMI Details

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Maruti Ertiga ZXI Car Loan Down Payment And EMI Details

How many people can sit in the Ertiga seat?

The Ertiga can accommodate up to 7 passengers in comfort.

What is the launch price of the Ertiga?

The price for the Ertiga starts from 8.69 lakh rupees.

Which engine options are provided in the Ertiga?

The Ertiga has a petrol engine (1462 cc). Moreover, there is an option of a CNG kit for improved fuel economy.

Are there different versions of the Ertiga offered?

Yes, the Ertiga offers 9 different variants from which the customer can choose, everyone, preferring the one that is within his/her budget.

What kind is Ertiga’s standard transmission equipment?

Ertiga offers both manual and automatic transmission variants according to your driving choice.

How efficient in fuel burning is the Ertiga?

The Ertiga is famous for its decent mileage, which makes it a great choice for commuting and road trips due to good fuel efficiency.

How can Ertiga be financed?

The Ertiga can be bought with a two lakh rupee amount as the down payment that makes it available for the majority of the buyers.

Which Ertiga version is the most preferred?

The Ertiga ZXI Optional is best bought due to features and cost.

What are the loan specifications for acquiring Ertiga?

Let’s say, you go for the Ertiga LXI Optional, you will be getting a loan amount of Rs. 7,68,635 with a monthly EMI of Rs. 15,956 for 5 years. On the optional Ertiga ZXI you can get a loan of 10,55,213 rupees with an EMI of 21,904 rupees/month for 5 years.

Why is Ertiga popular?

The Ertiga’s popularity among families and commuters comes from its affordability, space, and practical features.

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