2025 New Renault Duster Specs, Mileage, Speed, Launch Date in India

2025 New Renault Duster

2025 New Renault Duster: The New Renault Duster set to revolutionize the compact SUV market in 2025, features a sleek, modern design and cutting-edge features. With a powerful lineup of engines, advanced infotainment, and driver-assistance systems, the 2025 New Renault Duster promises an enhanced driving experience. With an affordable price range, it is expected to debut globally in late 2024.

2025 New Renault Duster Specification

DesignFresh and modern design with bolder lines and a more muscular stance.
InteriorSpacious and comfortable cabin with higher-quality materials and more modern finishes.
FeaturesNew infotainment system with smartphone connectivity, digital instrument cluster, suite of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), and more powerful engine lineup.
PowertrainHere are powertrain versions: 1.0, 1.3, 1.5, 1.6 (Understand them clearly below)
LaunchHere are powertrain versions: 1.0, 1.3, 1.5, and 1.6 (Understand them clearly below)
Pricing2025 New Renault Duster To be announced, expected to be similar to the current model (starting at around £18,000 in the UK).
PlatformRenault’s CMF-B platform
DimensionsLength: 4,341mm; Width: 1,800mm; Height: 1,695mm
Cargo space438 litres (with rear seats up), 1,443 litres (with rear seats folded)

Technical Specifications

  • Platform: Renault’s CMF-B platform
  • Dimensions: Length: 4,341mm; Width: 1,800mm; Height: 1,695mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,674mm
  • Cargo Space: 438 litres (with rear seats up), 1,443 litres (with rear seats folded)

2025 New Renault Duster Design, Interior, Features

  1. Design

The impending Duster says goodbye to its square-shaped outside, the 2025 New Renault Duster embracing a contemporary and smart design. Spy shots and spilled design portraits indicate a sleeker profile, emphasised by striking lines and a strong position. The front end flaunts a new grille, driven headlights, and a more forceful guard, while the back sticks to this same pattern with redesigned taillights and an overhauled guard. This tasteful transformation positions the 2025 Duster as a head-turner, blending usefulness with pizazz.

  1. Interior

The interior of the 2025 New Renault Duster goes through a change in perspective, introducing a quantum jump from its ancestor. The lodge radiates a feeling of openness and solace, supplemented by premium materials and present-day wraps up. The dashboard is redesigned to oblige a best in class infotainment framework and a computerized instrument bunch, hoisting the general driving experience.

  1. Features

The 2025 Renault Duster comes outfitted with plenty of state of the art features, including:

  • Infotainment Framework: A new and natural infotainment framework with a consistent cell phone network.
  • Computerized Instrument Bunch: A cutting-edge computerized instrument bunch giving ongoing data in an outwardly captivating way.
  • High-level Driver-Help Frameworks (ADAS): A far-reaching set-up of ADAS, improving security through features like path takeoff cautioning and programmed crisis slowing down.
  • Upgraded Powertrain: The 2025 Duster flaunts an all the more remarkable motor setup, offering flexibility to take care of different purchaser inclinations.
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Powertrain features of 2025 New Renault Duster

The 2025 Duster gives a scope of powertrain choices to meet the shifted needs of SUV lovers:

  1. 1.0-liter Turbocharged Petrol Engine: Ideal for those searching for congruity between eco-benevolence and energetic execution.
  1. 1.3-liter Turbocharged Petrol Engine: A more lively decision for drivers needing updated power and speed increment.
  1. 1.5-liter Turbocharged Diesel Engine: For enthusiasts regarding mileage and power, a diesel engine decision is open.
  1. 1.6-liter Hybrid Petrol Engine: Embracing eco-obliging turn of events, the hybrid engine ensures a blend of power and viability.

2025 New Renault Duster Price, Launch Date and Availability In India


The 2025 New Renault Duster is supposed to be priced from Rs 10 lakh (ex-display area) to Rs 15 lakh (ex-display area) in India. This cost range positions the impending Duster as an appealing and reasonable choice for Indian SUV lovers, offering a convincing mix of execution, features, and an incentive for cash.

Launch Date In India:

2025 New Renault Duster is supposed to be launched in India by October 2025. This exceptionally expected date has SUV devotees enthusiastically counting as the days progressed. The possibility of the new Duster hitting Indian streets by October adds an intriguing part to the car schedule, making a buzz of expectation and energy.


2025 New Renault Duster will be available in India through Renault showrooms the nation over. Devotees can anxiously expect to investigate this patched-up SUV firsthand, captivating in test drives and encountering the most recent features. The inescapable accessibility guarantees that the 2025 Duster is effectively available to SUV enthusiasts all through India.

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