Hero MotoCorp CE001 Unique Features, Overview And Price

Hero MotoCorp CE001

Hero MotoCorp CE001: In this article, we got acquainted with new cruisers from Legend MotoCorp during the Legend World 2024 occasion, for example, the Legend Xtreme 125R and Dissident 440. Another eminent bicycle exhibited was the Legend CE001, where “CE” implies Legend MotoCorp’s organiser Dr. Brijmohan Lall Munjal in a dedication setting.

Hero MotoCorp CE001 Features

The CE001 depends on Legend Karizma XM AR yet includes a half-fairing plan with carbon fibre components, upgrading its great appearance. The bike has high-quality components like a smoked windshield, a slip-on Akrapovic exhaust, and a single-piece handlebar that is slightly elevated.

The CE001 has USD forks at the front and a gas-charged mono-shock at the back for suspension. It has a 300mm front disc and a 230mm rear disc for braking.

Hero MotoCorp CE001 Overview

ModelHero MotoCorp CE 001
InspirationBased on Hero Karizma XM AR
DesignHalf-fairing design with carbon fibre elements
HandlebarElevated single-piece handlebar
WindshieldSmoked windshield
Exhaust SystemSlip-on Akrapovic exhaust
Braking SystemFront: 300mm disc, Rear: 230mm disc
SuspensionUSD forks at the front, Gas-charged monoshock at the rear
Engine TypeLiquid-cooled, single-cylinder
Power Output25.5 PS
Torque20.4 Nm
AvailabilityLimited to 100 units, expected sales in July 2024
Special FeaturesUSD forks at the front, Gas-charged mono shock at the rear
Expected PriceAnticipated to be relatively high due to premium components
Market ImpactLocal availability may be limited due to exclusive production
Production LimitLimited to 100 units
Expected ReleaseJuly 2024
High-End ComponentsExtensive use of high-end components like carbon fibre and Akrapovič exhaust
Expected PriceAnticipated to be relatively high due to premium features
AccessibilityLimited availability due to its exclusive production
Local AdaptabilityUncertain, considering the bike’s specialised design and limited production

Hero MotoCorp CE 001 Specification

Although Hero MotoCorp did not provide any specific performance figures, the presence of premium components like the Akrapovic exhaust suggests a focus on performance. The CE001, restricted to just 100 units, is supposed to be ready to move in July 2024.

The bike is expected to cost a little bit more because it uses carbon fibre and high-end parts. It is not yet clear how this bicycle will be for the neighbourhood crowd because of its select and restricted creation.

Hero MotoCorp CE001 Price

Hero MotoCorp hasn’t disclosed the price of CE001 yet, but it’s expected to be quite high. Sales are anticipated to commence in July, exclusively online.

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Most parts of the CE001 Bike are made of carbon fibre

The CE001 motorcycle from Hero is based on the Karizma XMR bike, but it features many expensive components and cycle parts. The most important aspect of this bike is its semi-fairing, which is inspired by the original Karizma. Most parts of the bike are made from carbon fibre and it also has an Akrapovic exhaust.

Hero MotoCorp CE001 Final Words

The Hero MotoCorp CE001 is a motorcycle that will only be made in limited quantities. It has a striking design and premium features. It is based on the Karizma XMR and has a unique half-fairing design, carbon fibre components, and a sporty Akrapovic exhaust. With a strong 210cc motor, high-level stopping mechanism, and a creation restricted to 100 units, it guarantees a selective riding experience.

Its success, however, will depend on how well it adapts to local conditions and resonates with motorcycle enthusiasts seeking a singular combination of style and performance, and its high-end components may result in a premium price.

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